Teaching the broader benefits of social media to future business leaders (via FP)

Social-Media stampsFor those interested in the evolution of Executive MBA programs that have a strong emphasis on Communications, I encourage you to read Denise Deveau’s article that appeared in the Financial Post.

Similarly to many other digital media courses, the focus used to be on media relations and marketing. As our Communications toolkit expands, the focus has now shifted to a broader view of communications where we are challenged to be more strategic and use the tools that best fit our needs. According to Deveau’s article, executives are being taught to let go of the need/desire for control. This is definitely a must when it comes to working with social media.

My favourite excerpt from the article comes from an interview with Daniel Tisch, president and CEO of Argyle Communications: An equally important aspect is assessing both the good and the bad sides of social media, Mr. Tisch explains. “Rather than relying on PR to do the listening, managers need to learn how to turn their employee base into an army of listeners, and identify the risks and opportunities that go with that. We talk a lot about that now.”

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