Storyboarding – is it a thing of the past?

Videographers and filmmakers are among some of the most creative people that you will ever meet! I can say that – because I am one of them.

But being creative can really suck sometimes, because it makes doing “admin”  work that much more unbearable! You want an essay – I’ll give you a song. You ask for a road map – I’ll make you a flash sequence with directions.

My point is that we don’t get excited when we need to work on the pre-production paperwork.  We know that it’s required, and no big company is going to throw buckets of money at us without it but plain and simple – it’s no fun.

Now camera setups and location permits are useful aspects of the production bible, but what the heck is up with storyboarding? I’ve always been forced to do it but I never stick to what I’ve actually storyboarded. In fact – if I did stick to it I wouldn’t have ended up with half of the cool stuff that I’ve produced. I like to get lost in the moment and absorb my environment because that’s when the magic happens. I start noticing all of these crazy angles and awesome lighting that I just have to work in. What that means when I’m editing is that I end up cutting the scene completely differently because of the addition of these jewels.

With this in mind – is storyboarding still essential? For something that takes so much time and is rarely adhered to – is it worth it?

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