Stop Squishing my Muffin!!!

For the last few months,  I’ve been getting to the office at an ungodly hour!! So, on my way downtown, I usually stop off at Tim Hortons and grab a tea (large orange pekoe +2 milks + 2 sugars) and a muffin.

Now – I’m one of those mental people who have a routine…and if certain things don’t happen then I go A-wall! Kind of like Andy from The Office (when Jim put his calculator in Jello). I usually save my muffin for when I get to work. For the last 3 weeks my muffin has been squished! WTF? My favorite part of my muffin is the very top layer and its been all crumbly and destroyed. It led to several very crummy days (yes – pun intended!)

So, I’m going to do some reconnaissance work and find out who is squishing my damn muffin!!! Wish me luck!…I’ll see you on the other side…“Don’t push me, cuz I’m close to the edge…I’m trying not to lose my head..”

Muffin (Pre-Squishing)

Muffin (Pre-Squishing)

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