LinkedIn Connection Timeline

LinkedIn has been around for quite some time, but I have to give them props because within the last two years I feel like they’ve really zeroed in on what they need to do  to be a leader in the constantly evolving online world.

LinkedIn web developer, Gordon Koo, is the mastermind behind on of their newest applications LinkedIn Connection Timeline. It is supposed to give you a life in review type of visual where you can see different connections in a sleek, sexy timeline. According to Koo, what differentiates this app is that it is three dimensional. It looks at actual connections, implicit grouping of connections (which tie the social graph together) and lastly it includes the element of time.

I tried out the app today for myself, and although it looks sleek it didn’t work for me. Perhaps my LinkedIn professional/connection history is a little too convoluted for the tool to handle during it’s early phase… I do have high hopes for it. I love infographics, charts and all visuals so this is something that I’m looking forward to using.

Give it a whirl and tell me what you think. So far, I’m still enjoying cubeduel although it seems to have hit a plateau with users in my circle.



Google Chrome

Thanks for sharing, Jeremy Chaput! This is a great example of video and social marketing that makes profound connection with viewers…unless you’re a robot!

When do you get your ‘social media folks’ involved?

So, a few months ago you had a great idea for a new initiative/project at work. You put a proposal together and besides a few minor tweaks here it was approved by the big cheeses. You planned your initiative and now you’re contacting your “internal players” that you need on board to help make this a reality.

You send an email to your social media folks and within minutes they respond with all of these wild ideas that sound cool but are way too “big”… Plain and simple – the ideas are great but just aren’t feasible.

Results = your initiative will be mediocre. You will have some type of limited presence on social media but the bottom line is that within 2 weeks, people will forget all about it.

So, the question remains: How do you make your initiative stand out and be remembered?

Answer: Get your social media folks involved from the get go.

Social media professionals are challenged everyday to come up with “out of the box” solutions to challenges and problems. You need to understand your audience and think of dynamic ways to engage them and create a movement. “Think big, or go home.”

You don’t need a lot of money to leave a lasting impression. All you need is your imagination, some technical know-how, an understanding of your audience and mediums and an open mind.

So, the next time you have a brilliant idea pick up the phone/skype/IM/walk over and see your social media resident and talk about how you can take it to the next level. I challenge you to open yourself up to the possibilities of having a fully integrated program from start to finish.

Social Media Boot Camp

Our Social Media Boot Camp series is back! These fun, interactive 1-hour sessions focused on a specific area of social media. These are designed for people with a basic-to-intermediate understanding of social media.


Beginners are welcome, but due to time constraints we may not be able to go as in-depth with answering questions during the session. We are always available afterwords though – so don’t be shy!


MediaBzz is here to help you navigate your way through the scary world of social media. We help educate businesses and entrepreneurs on how to effectively use social media to grow their brands. We also provide key services to help kick start your social media campaign.


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This is especially useful for wedding & event planners who are looking for new ways to remain competitive and offer their clients an enhanced range of services and tools. This is also helpful for individuals/couples who are planning their own weddings and are looking for ways to DIY and still have that WOW Factor.  For more information on what the session covers, visit our Services page or contact us.












Sometimes You Have to Swing Both Ways

Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

One of the biggest errors I see people make when they are devising their social media strategy is that they concentrate only on the business perspective. In social media, you should always swing both ways – and think about the business and the user’s perspective. What is everyone getting out of this interaction/conversation/relationship?

Recently, I was with a group of Communication professionals brainstorming some tactics that could be used for a social media campaign. I was in “the zone”…you know that happy, creative place where ideas just come to you freely. Ideas were just coming one after the other… Afterwards, someone came up to me and asked “how did you think of all that?”. The answer is – I swing both ways, meaning I consider all perspectives involved.

If you’re a business and your target audience is moms, then you need to think like a mom. First thing to ask is: Do moms use social media? Many would say no, but many would be wrong! Moms are actually very big users of social media! Next – decide on which platforms you want to use.

One of the next big steps is to try and pinpoint what type of information you want to get from your audience. It’s great to know the things that people love about your company but it’s equally important to know what people don’t like about your company or product. Take your time and decide on the best approach.

When you finally get to the tactics part of your media plan, my suggestion is to outline the types of content that appeal to your audience. Consider your audience’s lifestyle, where and how they use the Internet. If your audience typically accesses the Internet from smartphones then you want to be certain that your pages/sites are compatible and optimized for a variety of formats. Also, if they don’t have a lot of time (like most moms) then refrain from posting long articles that take forever to get through. Use different types of media and keep it interesting…

Virtual Networking

Don’t Burn Virtual Bridges

About a month ago, an old rapper/performer friend of mine posted a link on Facebook to a music video that he did for some kind of good cause…My memory is a little foggy but I do remember thinking “wow – what a great guy…he’s using his music to help others…I hope he goes far…” I was even thinking of trying to find a way to include him in an upcoming project down the line…But just two weeks after that he made a huge social media

I’m going to call my friend “Kyle”. So, Kyle creates this “event” which wasn’t a real event. Instead, it was a page promoting his new album and telling invitees that this is how he plans to weed out his contacts and determine who is really “engaged”…You see – music is such a hard biz and he’s always been about the music, so if you don’t click on “attend” and purchase and album then he’ll delete you from his “network”…

Ummm….ok? So, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t mean for it to come across as snippy and whiny as he did…but come on! I still like the guy, but he made a huge social media blunder that is drastically affecting his grassroots support. Learn from him.

What Kyle Did Wrong:

  1. Didn’t Use Facebook Properly: If you are hosting an event, create an event page. If you are a business, musician or public figure use a Facebook Page (Fan Page). If you are an individual, create a Profile. Kyle should have posted this info on his fan page. There was no event, so no need to create an event page. That’s just dumb.
  2. He insulted his Supporters by threatening to delete them if they obey his call to action. Music is a hard business to be in. I get it and I empathize. But if it was easy then it wouldn’t have the same allure. Social Media can be used as a vehicle to gain support and broaden your audience. Stop your whining…who are you? Noel Gallagher? Don’t insult, threaten  or whine to your followers – we don’t want to hear it.
  3. It’s not up to your audience to TELL you that they’re “engaged”. Don’t be lazy – use the FREE analytical data provided to figure it out yourself. If you don’t want to then employ the services of a company that will tell you.
  4. After receiving feedback from invitees on how they didn’t agree with his method of “marketing” and what his message was Kyle stood his ground. I have to give him props because he responded to the messages in a very respectful, amicable tone. BUT – then 1 week later he reworded his “event” to sound nicer. Kyle didn’t commit. He stood his ground and then second guessed himself. If you pick a strategy (even if it’s ballsy) you need to think it through first. Examine every aspect. Develop contingency plans. Instead of doing this, he wavered and now looks defeated. He also burned several “virtual” bridges.

Don’t do what Kyle did. Think your strategy through. Be thorough. I just checked his event page again and 1,135 people took a stand and clicked on “Not Attending”. This amounts to almost 30% of his original network that decided that they either weren’t interested or didn’t appreciate his approach. Ouch…

348 Days Left

Countdown: 348 Days to go

Don’t you just love the weekends? It’s so hard to get fired over them ;) Today is Friday!… Do you participate in #FollowFriday? I was surprised to learn how many people are oblivious to these gems!! It’s never too late to learn though and today is the perfect day!

So – the beauty of Twitter is that you can follow and unfollow whoever you want to, right? Well, Twitter is like a cocktail party and Friday is like happy hour.



Image by ginsnob via Flickr


Your Twitter friends use this hashtag #FollowFriday to recommend cool people/brands to follow. You have to take this with a grain of salt though. If you trust your “friend’s” opinion then great, but if not then you have a 50/50 chance that you’ll find value in their content. The great thing is that if you don’t like what someone is tweeting about, you

can unfollow them without any embarrassment or awkward moments. How many times have we wished to be able to have the same luxury in real life?!!… Oh so many awkward conversations and polite smile and nodding that could have been avoided…It’s just tragic…

So – there’s not much more to it… If you want to read recent suggestions just type the hashtage #FollowFriday into your search box. So, go test it out!


Follow MediaBzz on Twitter

Follow MediaBzz on Twitter


The Wilderness Downtown

Interactive Video killed the Video Star

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen Arcade Fire‘s interactive video yet – DO IT NOW!! RIGHT NOW!! Click here In case you’re a stubborn mule I’ll post a link to the it from youtube. This version isn’t personalized though. So…you may as well just click the darn link.

You have to check out this video – its sick! Like “sick” in the way that young kids use that word…meaning its really really cool! To view it best you should install Google Chrome. You type in the address of the place where you grew up and it uses Google Street View to feed in some of the images and video. I love the concept! At one point you are given the opportunity to use an etch a sketch type box and draw freehand. I love stuff like this because ifs fresh and makes me get lost in my own creative thoughts….like where I think video and media are heading? Please let me know if you come across any other fresh products/concepts like this!… Also, just in case you were wondering, I think the song is pretty great too.

The neat thing is that even though I think this is a great concept and video, I would be quick to point out that another video from my “Must See List” is OK GO’s “Here it Goes Again“. I think that this was executed incredibly because it’s a 1 constant shot. As a former fitness instructor and a videographer I was (and still am) thoroughly impressed!

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