Popular dating app Tinder used to find some puppies their forever homes

Rosie Animal Adoption and marketing company DentsuBos are behind this creative use of the popular dating app, Tinder. They called it “Tinderdoption”.

I wasn’t too familiar with the App before, but apparently what it does is recommend possible matches in a close proximity to you, based on common interests. For example…if you love long walks on the beach, dining out or lounging in the sun… They added some dogs that were up for adoption in the area and I think that this is pure genious! I hope that everyone finds their puppy-love/forever homes!!


Campaign by Rethink Homelessness in Orlando. Homeless friends to write down a fact about themselves that other people wouldn’t know just by walking past them… Get the tissue out…


Calling all CEOs: It’s time to join Twitter (via Globe and Mail)

Terrific article from Hilary Carter on CEO’s needing to take the plunge and join Twitter so that they can take advantage of what the tool has to offer.

In addition to the fact that Twitter is a really powerful communications tool, Hilary also highlights that communications as a whole is changing as are consumers’ habits and expectations. I highly recommend reading this article, especially if you’re a communications professional that has been battling with a CEO that is not quite move forward and embrace our new digital reality.

Read the article here: Calling all CEOs: It’s time to join Twitter



Canadian connection – Canadian CEO’s embracing social media

One of the most popular requests that I get are from people looking to find “good examples” of people excelling in a specific area of social and digital communications. For everyone who has asked me for an example of a President of a Canadian Crown Corporation using social media effectively, I recommend you look into Via Rail’s new President, Yves Desjardins-Siciliano.

I had the pleasure of hearing him speak a few years ago at a social media convention, while he was heading up Via Rail’s Corporate Services including Communications and Marketing.  He seemed to have really understood that social media isn’t just a “cookie cutter” tool and that in order to truly harness the power of it, it was important to encourage feedback and be ready to act. One of the items that they were working on at the time was introducing vegetarian and more health conscious menu items on-board, which was an idea originally submitted by a passenger.

Below is a video that Via Rail released shortly after he was named as the new President of the company. It’s simple and reminds Canadians of the company’s history and importance while making Canadians feel like they are also valued.


How to turn non-social media savvy people into bloggers

As the social media advisor for Canada’s national public broadcaster, I spend a lot of time coaching people on how to simplify things. If you manage a group or corporate blog, chances are that from time to time you have run into a wall where you’re desperately searching for content or collaborators who can be both a source of in-depth information and also be able to translate this knowledge into a snappy blog with a killer title that resonates with the people…While it’s not impossible to find, you may need to put in some time coaching your local non-social media savvy (NSMS) colleagues on how to craft a blog post.

Do not despair – here are some tips on how to deal with this challenge and turn NSMS thinkers into bloggers.

  1. Be the voice of your audience and ponder the big questions: You know your audience and as a blog manager you have a sense of responsibility to act as their voice. There is a balance that you need to strike between answering their questions and offering insight that may be unsolicited but nonetheless useful. Compile a list of these questions (keep them open-ended) and share these with your NSMS colleagues. This will help them put get their thoughts on paper. In many cases, you’ll just need to select the most interesting questions and revise their answers so that they are succinct and written using the right tone.
  2. Give them a taste of the spotlight through an interview: Even some of the most shy introverts daydream about being recognized for their talents and skills. If they’re very reluctant to start blogging, I suggest doing a Q&A with them where you ask them questions and they answer them. You can then share the interview (in text form) on your blog. This helps them gain exposure, experience and confidence without actually having the responsibility of being considered the “author” of the post. This has been very effective in helping people get a taste for being featured on a blog. This is their first baby step towards penning their own post.
  3. Follow them for an afternoon: People can be so oblivious as to how cool their jobs really are. Sometimes they just need a fresh perspective to show them. Try following them for a day and share your experience on social media. They’ll be shocked to see how many retweets, likes and shares the content is generating. I had the opportunity to shadow CBC/Radio-Canada’s President and CEO and let me tell you the reshares were remarkable.
  4. Spark a fire under them: Don’t give up on people that are reluctant to embrace social media…keep at it and help make it an easy transition for them. One day your efforts will pay off and even if they never write a blog post, they’ll at least understand the environment a little better…! Keep fighting the good fight!


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