Ning may be on the market

The World’s largest platform for creating social websites may soon be sold. Word has it that Ning has been talking recently to a large pool of companies about selling itself. Potential buyers include Google, Groupon and who knows…maybe even Justin Timberlake after his recent co-purchase of MySpace.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ning, here is the lowdown: Ning is very popular, because the platform allows people, companies and bands to launch their very own social network (known as Ning Networks). Often it is personalized with the company or artist’s branding so you probably won’t even realize that you’re using it. Among the users are: Linkin Park, Twilight Saga, and the Dallas Mavericks. The service also allows customers to charge for membership or monetize off of advertising.

Needless to say, you put all of these Ning Networks together and you wind up with a widely used platform that includes users from a variety of different demographics. Although management has had to evolve with the market, it seems as though they had found their “happy place” in a somewhat saturated market.

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