My favourite food shows…

I’m a foodie. I wasn’t always this way, but over the last decade my passion, appreciation and curiousity for food and wine has grown. I always appreciated beautiful looking (and tasty dishes) but thanks to television, I’ve transformed from just being a consumer to actually creating it.

In honour of Recipe to Riches being relaunched tonight, I thought that I would share some of my favourite food programs with you:

- Come Dine with Me (UK): While I’ll settle for the Canadian version, the UK version is my favourite. In case you’ve never heard of it, the show follows 5 strangers as they host a dinner party for the group. After the host wines and dines them, they secretly score the dinner party and that is how the winner is decided. Before the dinner party, you spend the day with the host as they prepare their food and run into all sorts of mishaps that happen to all of us!…Aside from loving the humour of narrator David Lamb, I also enjoy seeing a different style of cooking & entertaining along with the more traditional home layouts. It was through Come Dine with Me (UK) that I was first introduced to Bannoffee Pie and the famous Pavlova.

- Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bags: These two ladies are hilarious and the chemistry between them reminds me of myself and my husband in the kitchen. Every episode, the dynamic duo test out recipes from a specific cookbook. They usually havea few hours to prepare a series of dishes before the guest judge (who is a professional chef) arrives to critique the meal. The objective of this is to determine which cookbooks are worthy of joining your home library. Throughout the show you also get lots great tips from the guest chefs and product reviews.

- MasterChef & MasterChef Junior: Competition show for home cooks…This is a fantastic show where the highlight (in my opinion) is really the diversity and growth of the homecooks throughout the process. I’ve had my favourites, I’ve shed some tears and I’ve learnt a lot! The Junior’s edition was equally amazing – can you imagine cooking up these restaurant quality dishes while standing on a stepstool?

- Hell’s Kitchen: Say what you will about Gordon Ramsay, but at the end of the day it’s an entertaining show. Although, I’ve since given up eating meat (for the most part…I’m not sure if it’s possible to give it up completely having a Trini mother and Greek in laws…who are great cooks) he did teach us how to make beef wellingtons perfectly. I haven’t yet tried making rizzoto…it’s a little too scary for me but I know it’s just in my head…

- Recipe to Riches: Love the concept of this – although I never really watched the show before. Tonight it will be relaunching on CBC, so I’ll do my best to check it out. What I love about this show is that consumers can actually test out the products and buy them at Loblaws!….such a great idea!!

Feel free to send me your food show recommendations and/or recipes!! Looking at Pinterest always makes me so hungry and apparently so does writing about food shows!…

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