Millionaire Matchmaker…you know you watch it too!

Patti Patti Patti….

Besides, the fact that you look like you could be a drag queen and whenever I hear you speak some of my brain cells turn to mush – I can’t stop watching your show!! It’s my newest guilty pleasure. You’ve replaced Janice Dickinson in a way.

So what is it about the Millionaire Matchmaker that makes it so appealing?

Love to Hate Patti: On her show she’s compared herself to Gandhi and Oprah!!  Everyone just wants to put Patti in her place. There have been a few disgruntled women that have tried to fight back but Patti doesn’t have any of it.

Air Head/Plastic Boobie Overload: Ok, so not all girls with fake boobs are dumb. BUT this show really makes it hard to disprove this stereotype! Today, we’re always so careful not to fall into the “stereotype mindset”. In fact – we go out of our way to disprove these. Example -Pam Beesley in the episode called Diversity Day (The Office, NBC). Millionaire Matchmaker plays the Devil’s Advocate. You know in your head that girls with gi-normous boobs aren’t necessarily dumb, but this show makes us question these fundaMENTAL beliefs! In their defense though I think it may have to do with the hot weather in LA…making the plastic and silicon melt…I think it may affect their air supply to their brains. Really, its not their faults.

‘Pretty Woman’ Complex: Say what you will, but I truly believe that atleast 8 out of 10 women have wondered what it would be like to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Sigh….wouldn’t it be nice for some cute dreamy rich man to try and purchase us as their very own personal GPS/hookercompanion?…oh wait don’t forget about the shopping on Rodeo Drive!!!…

Rich Men Suck: The average guy doesn’t have a tonne of money, but that may be a good thing! Most of the millionaire men that Patti sets up are in love with themselves and have major relationship flaws. Lesson is – your average Joe may be broke but atleast he doesn’t sleep around and go to the spa everyday. Sometimes money is a bad thing. It can buy a lot of things…but can it buy you happiness?

Creeper: We’re all a bunch of creepers… The only thing better than creeping on FB or reading a friend’s diary is seeing a “blind date” go horribly wrong.  One of my personal favorites is the episode where we meet Jimmy D (again) and he goes on a date with Angel who ends up showing up drunk, throwing up before dinner, and asks to keep Jimmy money from the gambling lesson that he gave her…yeah…classy…

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