Canada remembers legendary Canadian broadcaster Knowlton Nash

Over the weekend, the broadcasting world has lost a legend : Knowlton Nash.

I often listened to Knowlton Nash on CBC’s The National – though not by choice at the beginning. Back then, I was still in elementary school and would fall asleep listening to my dad watch the news. Looking back, I’m not sure if this was irresponsible parenting – letting a kid stay up so late…on the flip side though, we were watching CBC so maybe that makes it ok…?

I spent some of my day today reading tributes on Twitter, looking through CBC archives for early footage and strolling down memory lane… I wanted to see those early newscasts to see if they were in fact the way I remember them to be. I wanted to see if his voice had the same effect. Would it still seem familiar? Indeed it did.

Reading the tributes made me really proud to work in broadcasting – specifically for the CBC. Sometimes in life, you encounter people who have so much passion that it spreads. This is what Knowlton Nash did. His passion for journalism, people, Canada and behaving ethically seems to have had a fundamental effect on many of us who work in the media industry today.  Many, like myself, have been touched by his drive and determination without ever having actually met him. With the industry shifting as it is, it’s becoming harder and harder to identify other’s who are as authentic as Knowlton Nash. I hope that we can all channel our “inner Nash” as we take on the digital world and make sure that we don’t lose what’s truly important – our voices and our ability to think critically and make our minds up after examining the information.

To read my post on CBC/Radio-Canada’s corporate blog, you can visit it here.


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