Whether you love it,  hate it or just don’t understand it Google+ is creating waves in the social media industry.  Many are calling it the “game changer” that social media needs that will take it to the next level.  Although, Google states that it’s purpose is not to compete with Facebook or Twitter a part of me disagrees. Yes, it’s true that the purpose of the tool is different but Google+ is competing against other social networking tools for your attention.

So far, Google+ has a lot going for them:

  • Accessibility: Many businesses still ban Facebook at the office. Also, many small to medium sized businesses have started using Google Apps for email, communication and collaboration.
  • Integration with GoogleDocs: If you have ever had to track changes and then lost track of what the latest version of the document is that you’re working on is, then you will love GoogleDocs. I began using several years ago, while working on a group project for my PR certificate and fell in love. You can access, share and edit projects simultaneously. You also have a lot of exporting options. Think about how easy this will make working on projects when you can collaborate so easily.
  • Video Conferencing: Would you like a cost effective way to video conference people in far away lands? What makes this even more intriguing is that you don’t have to install anything on your system, so your IT colleagues won’t have a fit.
  • Google+ and Latitudes: I never installed Latitudes on my iPhone or BB because it was a little too “Big Brother-esque”  for my liking. Essentially, it allows people to see exactly where you are and tracks your phone’s movement.  You don’t have to “check-in” like on Foursquare or Facebook Places.

Just some food for thought… Keep an open mind and always make sure that whatever you share is ok for public consumption!…

- Sarah


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