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Google Music is the pixie dust that Google needed to sprinkle over their products to take them to the next level. Although it’s not yet available in Canada, Canadians are able to take a virtual tour of the product. I had a look through today and I am really liking what they have to offer.  It made me swoon all over again for Google. I had/have a bit of a love/indifferent relationship with Google+. I understand that it has its place in the market and I see the value that its integration with other products like Google Docs has.  But, today is the first day that I was actually excited about Google+ because music was the deal maker…

The consumption of music via radio is declining (many would argue that this is because radio has turned into a device that replays the top 10 most annoying songs over and over…but that’s besides the point ). People, including myself, now flock to services like Pandora and Jango to help them come across new bands and musicians. I actually prefer this type of service to something like GrooveShark, where you create your own playlist. If it weren’t for Jango, I may have completely missed the boat on Bon Iver, Soko and Kate Nash. Google Music promises to recommend you music that you’ll like and this adds a lot of valuable people like me, who are old school radio fans and who have now become jaded because we’re sick of what traditional radio has turned into.

The shop and listen features seem to work like iTunes, only Google Music tells users that there is no need for syncing or wires…This could be interesting, only I don’t have an Android device so it may not have any effect on me. When it comes to organizing, you can upload and store your music library (up to 20,000 songs). You can also share selected songs with your Google+ followers and they can listen to the track once (for free) or purchase it. This is a really nice feature because as much as I love iTunes sometimes I feel like Michael Scott from The Office when he keeps replaying that 30-second preview clip of “Goodbye my Lover” because he only wants a taste…

Well done Google. Now please come to Canada so that we can rock out.

- Sarah


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