Need help with your digital hub?

alphabetSo you’re going to be a teacher? For realsies? Are you sure about this?

Ok – since you seem super convinced about it, why not put your best foot forward when it comes to creating your digital hub? Principals, fellow teachers, students, board members and parents want to know that you have what it takes to shape the young minds of tomorrow. If you need a little help on how to take your digital strategy to the next level, then drop me a line and we can chat.

While you have to create your digital hub, you really should think about this as more of a digital strategy. How do you plan on using digital tools, social media and the internet to reinforce the work that you’re doing in the classroom? A poorly constructed digital hub and a lack of an overall strategy can make you look like you don’t know what you’re doing and can actually do more harm than good.

websiteI’m here to help! I’ve developed a digital worksheet to help you stay focused and answer some fundamental questions about what type of stuff you want to share and what you want your audience (the person viewing your hub) to walk away knowing about you. It’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. I can also help explain the differences between some of the more popular services out there that are available to host your site, like WordPress and Google Sites. After going through the type of content on your hub, I can help you learn about best practices when it comes to integrating social media tools. Let’s be very clear though – I’m not here to build your digital hub for you, but I am here to help you navigate through the world of digital so that you can become a digital superhero!




social-media 2Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your digital space:

  1. Keep it simple. It has to be easy to maintain so that you can update it easily and consistently.
  2. Visual storytelling: When it comes to text, be concise and always proofread. When possible, use visuals to help illustrate your points and to break up large chunks of text.
  3. Remember that not everyone will be accessing your hub through a computer. Make sure that you do your best to have a responsive site (so the page adapts based on your screen size and device). Also test it out on various devices to make sure that the loading time isn’t taking too long and photos/menus are where they should be.
  4. Make sure to have contact info listed so that can receive all of your fan mail. As a teacher though, you don’t want to overshare the person information though.
  5. Take advantage of using tags to help become easier to find through search engines.


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