Creative people are different

Creative thinkers are different. Both creative minds and scientific/methodical minded people can agree on this. There’s value to both types of people, but in traditional markets most management styles are geared towards the more methodical style.

If you’re interested in understanding more about how to manage creative minds or if you are a creative person and would like to understand a little more about what motivates you,  you should read this article by a colleague of mine, Leah Geller. Leah is very creative and also manages a team of writers so she knows what she’s talking about :)

Here’s a short excerpt:

“If I had to characterize the kind of research we’ve been doing, it’s a lot about the current marketplace being a creative/innovative market.The basic message is that we need to shift to a very human approach to management in which employees bring their whole selves, their passions, and their ideas to work and away from traditional industrial models that were not well-designed for creative work.”

“Some of the conditions that enable this are high trust, flexibility, autonomy, and inviting people to contribute where they have passion – even outside of their core assignment at times. This can be tricky for us to balance in our environment where there is a “show to run.” But it’s an area we need to explore further because this contributes to competitive advantage in that employees bring all of their gifts to the table.”

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