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Zappin ma eyes!


So, I finally gathered up my courage and went in to Yonge Eglinton Laser Center for one of their free consultations for laser eye surgery (or Lasik as it is commonly referred to).

The whole process took about 3 hours and they did a few tests on my eyes (ie. pressure test, vision test, etc.). It was pretty cool and the people were very nice…mind you they should be since they are trying to get me to part with  a fair bit of $$$!

They said that I was the ideal candidate for Lasik because I had nice thick corneas! (Better add that one on to the resumé!) I think I just may end up going through with it! Apparently the healing process is super fast (a couple of days) and the surgery is actually only about 15 mins/eye. I can’t even imagine not having to wear my glasses all the time!…I get giddy every time I think about it being a real possibility!

Anyone else have this done? Where did you go? Would you do it again if you had the choice?

Stop Squishing my Muffin!!!

For the last few months,  I’ve been getting to the office at an ungodly hour!! So, on my way downtown, I usually stop off at Tim Hortons and grab a tea (large orange pekoe +2 milks + 2 sugars) and a muffin.

Now – I’m one of those mental people who have a routine…and if certain things don’t happen then I go A-wall! Kind of like Andy from The Office (when Jim put his calculator in Jello). I usually save my muffin for when I get to work. For the last 3 weeks my muffin has been squished! WTF? My favorite part of my muffin is the very top layer and its been all crumbly and destroyed. It led to several very crummy days (yes – pun intended!)

So, I’m going to do some reconnaissance work and find out who is squishing my damn muffin!!! Wish me luck!…I’ll see you on the other side…“Don’t push me, cuz I’m close to the edge…I’m trying not to lose my head..”

Muffin (Pre-Squishing)

Muffin (Pre-Squishing)

Storyboarding – is it a thing of the past?

Videographers and filmmakers are among some of the most creative people that you will ever meet! I can say that – because I am one of them.

But being creative can really suck sometimes, because it makes doing “admin”  work that much more unbearable! You want an essay – I’ll give you a song. You ask for a road map – I’ll make you a flash sequence with directions.

My point is that we don’t get excited when we need to work on the pre-production paperwork.  We know that it’s required, and no big company is going to throw buckets of money at us without it but plain and simple – it’s no fun.

Now camera setups and location permits are useful aspects of the production bible, but what the heck is up with storyboarding? I’ve always been forced to do it but I never stick to what I’ve actually storyboarded. In fact – if I did stick to it I wouldn’t have ended up with half of the cool stuff that I’ve produced. I like to get lost in the moment and absorb my environment because that’s when the magic happens. I start noticing all of these crazy angles and awesome lighting that I just have to work in. What that means when I’m editing is that I end up cutting the scene completely differently because of the addition of these jewels.

With this in mind – is storyboarding still essential? For something that takes so much time and is rarely adhered to – is it worth it?

New Coffee Machine = New Attitude

So, yesterday the office got this brand new spankin coffee machine for us to “test” for a couple of days. It’s a new Van Houtte machine and it makes all of these fancy (extra fattening) drinks. It even grinds the beans for your special cup of coffee…or hot cocoa…or latte…etc. WOW – what a change to the mud crust we had before!

I tell you – if this keeps up my productivity is actually going to go through the roof! I actually decided to stay in the office today during lunch and continue working instead of going out for lunch…Don’t worry – that won’t last long though. They are scheduled to remove the machine on Thursday…until then I promise to be an example employee.

I can’t promise anything about my state of mind on Friday…I may have to call in sick from going through withdrawal…

Oh and did I mention that they even use fair trade coffee? Nice…

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